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Psycho System (Live Act)

PSYCHO SYSTEM , comienza su experiencia musical alla por el año 94 cuando se empieza a interesar por la música electronica gracias a los viejos trackers usando un Commodore y un teclado midi. Es un productor autodidacta pero con buen oido para la música. Se centra en estilos como el house y el techno hasta pasar al estilo trance donde empieza a desarrollar sus conocimientos.

En el año 96 comienza el proyecto (x-perience) realizando sus primeros lives act en varias fiestas por la zona de Málaga, Participa como grupo amateur en uno de los festivales del colectivo SATISFAXION . En 1997 crea el proyecto (MORPHOSYS) realizando Lives act en fiestas privadasMas tardese centra en estilos como el acid trance y el goa trance hasta que descubre nuevas variantes como el psytrance hi tek y full on. En 2011 empieza a trabajar en el nuevo proyecto Psycho System junto a su compañero Skano. En la actualidad forma parte del sello Indigena Dancer Records a la vez que tiene tracks editados para Woorpz records y Free mind records, ademas de realizar colaboraciones con varios productores conocidos como X-side, Undelete, Skyenid, Ctrlz3ta y Konnector entre otros.
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Break System (Live Act)

Miguel Horta is the man behind the project Break System. He was born in the year 1990, in the city of cartaxo, in Portugal.

His first contact with electronic music came in the year 2005, his first a trance party.
Later, in the year 2009, awakened in him a true interest by mixing psychedelic trance, immediately starting his first project as DJ Trippixxx, until he was invited to belong to a national label, called Nakshatra, who gave him the opportunity to perform in public for the second time in Opart in Lisbon, in Doca de Santo Amaro.
In February 2010, he then began to acquire some knowledge in terms of musical production, until he started his latest project, as producer, Break System.
Since then, Break System, is progressing with the support and guidance of friends and acquaintances.
In the year 2012 , began to launch their music in albums for various labels.
More Later , in July 2012 , was invited to belong a national label , called Free Minds Records and also was invited to belong a international label , called Ataxia Corporation.

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Brainbasher (Live Act)

Stephane Bessa is the man behind the BrainBasher project. He meet the trance scenne in 2003 and fell in love with its energie.After a while he started exploring the world of music production and started djing in some parties. In 2011 he started the Brainbasher project a psychedelic, involving and powerfull fullon, full of energie and nice vibes. Allways aiming to progress and make more powerfull and vibrating tunes to make you rock the dance floor! Having already performed with some of the biggest names in the psytrance scene and after realising several tracks on VA, Brainbasher has now launched two EP launches in 2013 to bashe the dancefloors !!
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Stuntproject (Live Act)


Sérgio aka Stunts born in lisbon in the late 70´s is the face behind the project STUNTPROJECT.

Dj Producer began is career in 2001 in london,were he studied production and mixing.

Passionate about music specially for Psy Trance since 1997 when he went to his first goa party and decided to became a dj and later in 2001 start to produce his own tracks.

Performing in Various festivals and parties from north to south of Portugal and has created a very own style of Fullon Psy.

His live act is a fusion of powerfull Kiks,strong basslines and vibrating melodies creating an intense psychedelic adventure through which expects to leave the dance floors alight.

Currently on the labels (BioMechanix Records), (UP! NOIZE Records), (Ataxia), (Budda_Mantra_Records), (Clock Form Records) , (Inner Lotus Records) and (Nostradamus Psyarts)
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Prozac is the latest project of musician and producer Juan Llavero, based on very
personal style of Psytrance. Loaded with aggressive guitars (played in live), strong bass lines and catchy melodies, creating a spectacle that leaves no one indifferent.
He trained as a guitarist in the legendary Spain band of Trash Metal "Doctor Bad", training  predecessor to "NARCO", one of the most influential groups in hard music scene of today's Spanish. His energetic sessions are characterized by strong synths and guitars,played live, no long transitions, and always with a line up since their tracks are conceived and designed for the dance floor.

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Dexter ® is a one man project, that begans with his fascination for the trance scene at young age.
For the last 8 years he was living in Switzerland, Zurich, where he never left is passion for the psychedelic world.
Starting as one of the founders of the party promoter Space Nomads. But the passion for the powerfull sounds leads him to music production, being one of the members of 'Criminal Minds project'.
Now back to Portugal he started his solo Project (Dexter).
His sound can be defined as night psy with powerfull basslines and hard leads.
so get ready for a blast and c u on the dancefloor.

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Nemanja Lalovic aka Zetno Project is born 1.4.1995 in Belgrade,Serbia.From his little steps he found love in music,classical music.When he was age of 7 , he started playing violin,he played for 3 year.As his talent evolved he become one of most skilled little musician in his school for his age and older.After few years of playing violin he swiched violin for a cello.After 3 years of cello he swiched again, cello for doublebasse.In his 14 year he decided to go to music high school.His love for music increased.And his education continues.

When he was 12 years old he discovered a magical world of psytrance.Fast,agressive and melodic.Later on he decided to create his own music,influenced by :Bizzare,Astrix,Phanatic,Electro Sun...Due to bad economical situation , he didnt have his own PC , so he had to work at his friends place,all day long,ALL DAY LONG!With combining different genres of psytrance music , he managed to create his own style.His sound can be described with deep bass line ,agressive percussions and leads , with combining night and morning full on styles in one track.His first E.P was released in late 2012. "Arabic noise" it was released by "SpeedSound Rec."Later on ,he continued working on his music,releasing more tracks.Later on he was contacted by record label "Woorpz",where he was offered to be on their V.A compilation called "HALLOWEEN IN HONDERLAND" which was very successfull.

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PsychoSocial (Live Act)

''PsychoSocial'' is the solo project of young and talented prodigy from Serbia. His name is Sasa Djordjevic, born in 1992 in Belgrade, where he still lives. Early in 2005 he became interested in electronic music and eventually it becomes part of his life .. He attended many rave parties, and quickly gained a desire to learn about creating their own music. His passion for music and psychedelic culture has grown.

After a hard effort and long hours dedicated to the production has found its own sound, and signed a contract for Universal Dance Rec. In time, he perfected his work and gets great support from his family and friends. He started producing with a serious work, and issued its first track for UP! NOIZE Rec. VA (Toxic Mind For Pleasure)

Establish contacts with major producers and get their support and assistance for the EP, and his album, such as Alienn, Stereopanic, Biokinetix, Sinful Reactions and many more.

PsychoSocial sound can be best described with dark atmospheres and fast agressive leads, with trippy percs .
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ODA (Live Act)

Behind project "Oda" stands a young self-taught musician from Belgrade , Serbia.Since i was little i wanted to make music , to be a musician :)When i was in primary school i have learned to play guitar, later on (in high school) me and my friend formed a band named "Elefteria" , the band is still active :) Since 2008 ^_^Meanwhile i have also learned to play drums,was in couple of bands , recorded few songs , had many gigs...Anyway, my first impression of psytrance was back in 2005 or 2006 :/ Since then im in love with psytrance ,especially with full on.I have never made psytrance music , until May of 2013 ,when i have created my first track , well it was a versus , i got a looooots!! of help for that one from Nemanja Lalovic aka "Zetno Project" with who i made my first song.On 4-th september 2013 i have signed a contract with "Woorpz rec" from Lisbon / Portugal.Till now i have made several tracks , had couple of gigs , got in to a project ("Project : Lobotomy" - Zetno Project,Psychosocial and Oda. Links are in the bottom)To be honest , i really have no hmm lets say "direction" in making music. Music is free will of an artist, I just like to mix various stuff, what you hear is how i feel in that moment. Migraine doing its job with my feelings.

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